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Spring 2014 Trend Alert with Tortoise Shell Style

Posted on February 25, 2014 by Christine Forte | 1 comment

Tortoise shell is the newest Spring trend (maybe into summer?). It's an old classic that has been updated for a modern look, color, and styling. Hands down, something that a modern preppy could never do without is tortoise shell! When you combine tortoise shell with modern styling and monograms - LOOK OUT!

We see it in everywhere from everyday jewelry like monogrammed bangle bracelets, to monogrammed necklaces, pendants, earrings, and of course sunglasses. Our monogrammed tortoise shell collection is something we are really excited about. Three Hip Chicks has paired with Moon & Lola to offer our collection of the best tortoise shell jewelry and accessories for Spring 2014.

Here are just a few things we have seen and heard lately:

  • The Daily Mail (UK) just had a great photo collection yesterday photo of Reese Witherspoon stepping out in her styling brown tortoise shell sunglasses.
  • From Nordstrom to Saks, Bergdorf's to Barneys, from Kate Spade to Tory Burch, it's on! #TortoiseShell is in accessories and jewelry. It's starting, and it's showing Spring is here!
  • Converse sneakers has a preppy sneaker that uses a tortoise shell look on the eyelets in their Spring 2014 collection.
  • "Is tortoise shell the new leopard for spring?" - (we laughed...?)

Don't forget to check out our monogrammed tortoise shell collection and get your preppy style on for spring to stay ahead of the trend!


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