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Three Hip Chicks Launches New Monogrammed Jewelry Website

Posted on September 28, 2012 by Christine Forte | 0 comments

News: Three Hip Chicks, a leading online retailer of monogrammed jewelry, monogrammed iPhone cases, accessories and home décor launches new interactive website for easy product personalization.

The Three Hip Chicks love all things monogrammed. Since 2005, we have been providing monogrammed jewelry and monogrammed cell phone cases worldwide. We also know that creating your own style can be difficult. So we created our new website to make it easier for all of our customers to personalize their monogrammed jewelry and iPhone cases and create their own signature style easily.

One of the key challenges many of our customers faced was the lack of personalization options on monogrammed jewelry websites and the difficulty in understanding those options. Our new website addresses both of these challenges, allowing thousands of personalization choices for customers, so they can create their own “Hip” style in a fun and easy way.

We are also really excited about the opportunity to provide a better overall experience for our customers with the new website. It's very easy to choose from thousands of styles, colors, patterns, and personalized monogrammed product combinations and create a signature style for yourself or a friend.

We have created thousands of choices for complete personalization and customization of everything in the new store. There are over sixty product categories, including monogrammed jewelry and new categories for iPhone 5 cases and celebrity jewelry. So please, go ahead and create your own signature "Hip Chick Style" and make something today. Have fun!


Founded in 2005, Three Hip Chicks is an online retailer located in Grafton, MA. Three Hip Chicks specializes in all things monogrammed and are classic preppy with a modern twist. Three Hip Chicks offers monogrammed jewelry, monogrammed iPhone cases, celebrity jewelry, home décor, and accessories to help customers create their own personal style and brand.



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