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Hip Chicks Are Starworthy Sale

Posted on November 02, 2012 by Christine Wehmann | 0 comments


Our Jane Basch Jewelry Collection is on sale at 15% off for 3 days, starting Nov. 2, 3012.  This collection includes, bold and beautiful gold monogram necklaces, exceptional earrings and bracelets and stunning boyfriend rings that will be personalized in the initials of your choice. Each piece will be hand designed and hand cut to show off the beauty of your initials. Each piece is unique since no two pieces are ever exactly the same. 

Almost all of Jane Basch's designs are available in sterling silver or gold vermeil. Gold vermeil is sterling silver bathed in 14K gold. The effect is eye catching and the cost is affordable since all 14K gold is so pricy now. 

The Three Hip Chicks all wear their Basch monogram necklace every day. It is our go to jewelry for any and all occasions. We wear it by itself or layer it with longer necklaces, depending on the occasion. We know that you will love your Basch jewelry as much as we do!



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