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Monogrammed Throw Pillows for Spring

Posted on February 13, 2013 by Christine Wehmann | 0 comments

Monogrammed throw pillows can add a touch of personal style to any couch, sofa or chair in your home. A custom monogram is the perfect "flair" that a room often needs. Monogrammed throw pillows come in many patterns and colors, and can be mixed and matched to any room or decor. We put together a few ideas on our Monogrammed throw pillow page on Polyvore for you to take a look at. A few ideas:

  • We like to group pillows in sets of three or five, or put two pillows on the ends of the couch or sofa
  • Try pairing different monogrammed color contrasts and centering the monogram in the middle
  • Mix big and little accent pillows, shapes, florals and geometrics throw pillows to achieve the style you are looking for.
  • We try to keep the monogrammed throw pillow in the middle
  • Try alternating light and dark colors
  • There are many different textures for throw pillows, don't forget to add some to your style
  • Creating should not be frustrating, have fun!
Monogrammed Throw Pillows



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