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We Love Custom Stampers

Posted on February 20, 2013 by Christine Wehmann | 0 comments

We use our custom stampers by PSA Essentials all the time, actually we LOVE them. Since we love monograms (not a shocker huh?) this is pretty easy. We each have our own custom stampers, and use them for a variety of projects. Because these monogrammed stampers are self-inking (uses an ink cartridge), the messiness of traditional rubber stampers and stamping is minimized or eliminated… a big plus for all “Hip Chicks.” Custom stampers make it easier to create style and flair on virtually any type of stationary, envelope or gift tag! We wanted to share three fun style ideas for using custom stampers below:

custom stamper for Three Hip Chicks

Custom Stampers - A Few Stylish (Easy) Projects

  • Gift Tags – Who doesn’t love to get a nice gift tag. It’s simple and easy to do using custom stampers. Create your gift tag (make sure the stamp fits) on your special paper. Stamp the paper with your monogrammed stamper and on the reverse side create your personalized message. Use a hole punch and attach some ribbon through the hole. The end result is a personalized gift tag that was easy to create. (We like doing this when we bring a bottle of wine to someone’s house!)
  • Note cards – When we want to write a personalized thank you note or create something special, we use our custom stamper on the back of the envelope for some super easy styling! Sometimes we stamp the card itself on the top (hint: use a blank one - it looks better). This adds a classic touch to any mailing and makes the recipient feel special.
  • Stationary – Don’t have customized stationary? No problem. Choose a nice paper that is not too thin and is decent stock. Then use your custom stamper and stamp the upper right hand side of your paper. This gives the looks and feel of personalized stationary (our little secret). If we are mailing it, we stamp the back of the envelope so that is coordinates with the letter. Custom stampers can create style simply and quickly!

Many of our custom stampers are now on sale at 25% off. We are also offering a special gift with your custom stamper purchase from now until March 7th, 2013. All of our PSA Essentials’ stampers come with black ink that is included with your purchase, but we are offering a grapefruit pink ink as a special gift for all of our “Hip Chicks" from our friends at PSA Essentials. Not only are these custom stampers self-inking, the stamps last for thousands of uses and the ink lasts for a long time as well. Please note that there are no price adjustments from prior sale.

Don’t forget that stampers make a great engagement or wedding gift. Who wouldn’t want to personalize and share that special moment in time? We would love to hear how you use your custom stamper, please send us your pics or post them on the Three Hip Chicks Facebook Page.



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