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Monogrammed Back To School Essentials

Posted on July 24, 2013 by Heather Berube | 0 comments

monogrammed back to school accessories

Yes, we know summer is still here; but it's always great to be prepared for anything with monogrammed style, especially “Back to School.” At Three Hip Chicks we don’t call it back to school; we call it “Monogrammed Back to School.” Your favorite high school or college student will be a styling preppy with any of the Monogrammed Back to School Essentials from Three Hip Chicks.

Top Monogrammed Back To School Essentials

We put together a list of our favorite monogrammed back to school essentials and why we would use them:

  1. Squares Reverse Monogram Laptop Sleeve
    Face it they can be pretty boring? But adding some personal flair with a case like this is true street cred anytime! This monogram makes it stand out especially if everyone is using the same cases; it’s great to be different.
  2. Monogram iPad Recycled Folio Case – Chevron
    It’s really all about the design, a “stand out” chevron monogram in a eco-friendly recycled folio “smart” case with a matte finish for easy cleaning. The design is created by you, but this folio case is created by real bookbinders. Ultimate style and utility!
  3. Monogram iPad Mini Folio Case - Thin Chevron
    Remember those old composition notebooks and how unstylish they were? What if you restyled them as a tech case for an iPad mini, added a preppy pattern and a nice monogram? They did! We love it!
  4. Monogram Cosmetic Bag
    How can you not want to design your own monogram cosmetic bag with over 49 pattern choices? With this many choices for a cosmetic bag it really is the true essential that helps define that “Hip Chick” preppy style. Looks great around any campus!
  5. Monogram Lunch Cooler Bag - Preppy Stripe
    The days of brown bagging to class (waste of paper & style), the lunchroom, or the cafeteria are gone. It’s all about re-use and style.   With over 36 patterns to choose from, it’s easy to create a personal style or flair for yourself or that student you love!
  6. Fancy Interlock Monogram Decal
    A Dorm room is a home away from home. What better way to feel at home then creating preppy style with a wall monogram decal.  It can add style, flair, and a touch of home to any dorm room. The interlocked script font is a classic and comes in 6 size options and 41 colors.
  7. Economy Monogrammed Dry Erase Board | 6 Patterns
    It’s also about what’s in the dorm room that counts.  Preppy’s show their style on this monogrammed dry erase board.   A message on this board has never been preppier or as in style.
  8. Economy Monogrammed Mouse Pads | 6 Patterns
    A desk or dorm room desk is pretty unflattering, but a touch of the “Hip Chick” style can do wonders… enter the monogrammed mouse pad.  This is a nice little touch of style and flair for the preppy student in us all.
  9. Pink Terry Monogrammed Bath Wrap
    Who says you can’t be styling in the shower? The shower in a dorm room can still be styling with a pink terry monogrammed bath wrap. This comes in a great selection of fonts and thread colors.
  10. Monogram Flip Flops – Chevron
    Be stylin’ and treat yourself or that special student to a preppy treat for the feet. Your feet have to look good in the dorm room! Who wants to walk barefoot on those dorm room bathroom floors?  

Summer may still be here, but be prepared for a "monogrammed back to school" today!



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