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October 2013 Hip Chick of the Month

Posted on October 16, 2013 by Heather Berube | 0 comments

Our October 2013 Hip Chick of the Month is Carly A. Heitlinger of, ""the college prepster". Carly is a blogger and a preppy style icon who writes about, fashion, fun, and life. She has shared her life while in college, offered "how to" posts on creating a photostrip using Photoshop, her love of Christmas ornaments, plaids and pearls (a fave!), and just being a human in NYC.  On Pinterest, she describes herself as a "quirky, type A, workaholic." But we can describe her as a fun, stylish, preppy, and trendy Hip Chick. We love that she really shares who she is, in her thoughts and inspirations. This helps inspire us too! We are happy Carly is our October 2013 Hip Chick of the Month! 

We asked Carly aka "the college prepster" a few "Hip Chick" questions:, 

  1. How would you define your style?
    I would define my style as classic and comfortable!
  2. Who most influences your style?
    Probably the Looks We Love section for J. Crew's crewcuts. Those kids have style.
  3. What is your must have, cant live without item? It could be beauty products, accessories, clothing, shoes?
    I absolutely cannot live without my perfectly broken in ballet flats from J. Crew. I've had them for years. It's like going barefoot!
  4. Since you are the featured "October 2013 Hip Chick", what is your favorite fall piece of clothing or accessory?
    Ah! I can't decide between a Brooks Brothers Fair Isle sweater or a Barbour jacket... Maybe both. Preferably paired together!
  5. If you could have one thing from Three Hip Chicks what would it be?
    A monogrammed baseball hat! I've been super into hats lately... probably because I've been lazy about doing my hair!
  6. What inspired your blog and reason for starting one?
    I started my blog as a creative outlet when I was a freshman at Georgetown University. It was fun to be able to work on something other than homework and I just loved it from Day 1 (and, of course, I still love it)!

You can find Carly aka "the college prepster" online at:
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Thanks so much Carly! (Please note - All Photos are courtesy of the college prepster)



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